Jazdow Skyshape #2 , ink on watercolor paper, 2018

Jazdow Skyshape #2, ink on watercolor paper, 2018


Skyshapes depict the shape and character of the sky in a given place. Highly specific, skyshapes are parts of the sky seen from the same position, through the same window, over the course of daily routines. The opposite of a vista or horizon, they are a small glimpse, appearing to come toward the viewer, grounding them in a particular perspective.

When we live or work in a place for a long period, or perhaps are just confined briefly with a limited view, the scenes through our windows or on familiar walks around a neighborhood become a part of our sense of self, our security and comfort. By focusing attention on these sentiments the work serves to make viewers aware of their kinship with the world around them.

These skyshape artworks recognize that the sky, while helping people to define their unique sense of space and place, is also something huge, outside ourselves, universal and ubiquitous. By putting the shape of the sky into drawings, collages and sculptures, the sky becomes a thing to hold, to understand, to identify as our own: a part of ourselves.

To continue the work and expand the Skyshapes community, this website will collect and create an archive of submitted skyshape drawings and photos.

the artist

Ruth Koelewyn, a graduate of Interlochen Arts Academy and Cranbrook Academy of Art, is currently based in Detroit. She has been working on the Skyshape project since 2014, creating drawings, collages, and sculptures. She has recently traveled to Warsaw, Poland and El Bruc, Spain to build on the project, and is now exhibiting the work at Lansing Art Gallery, 119 N Washington Square, Lansing, MI from September 5-October 29, 2019.