How do I spot a Skyshape?

Skyshapes have a few common characteristics. They are parts of the sky seen from the same position, through the same window, over the course of your daily routines. They might be seen from where you lay in bed, from your office desk, or the kitchen window as you wash dishes. Skyshapes tend to be relatively small in the visual field and tend to have sides of about the same dimension. In this situation the bright blue of the sky has the illusion of coming forward, as an object does, toward you in space. The conditions for skyshapes are typically easiest to meet when looking from the interior to the exterior, but this is not always the case, and they can be found on daily walks, for instance as one goes to and from work.



Step 1

Think of your daily rituals, where you stand or sit for several minutes a day.



Step 2

Go over the views you have in these locations. Is there a clear view of a piece of sky in any of them?



Step 3

Take a picture, trace the shape, or make a drawing of this view of the sky, from where you typically see it.



Step 4

Share your image on Instagram with the hashtag #skyshapes and email it to the #skyshapes archive using the share tab on this website.